On Saturday night off the coast of the island of Giglio wrecked cruise ship Costa Concordia, is dead. Most of the passengers of a ship has rescued and brought to the island of Giglio. According to an official owner of the vessel - an Italian tourism company Costa Crociere, at the time of the accident on board were "about 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members."

There are currently aware of eight victims. Russian diplomatic missions in Italy trying to find out whether on board the citizens of our country.

In the body of a cruise ship found holed up about 70 meters. According to eyewitnesses, the ship ran into a stone reef. It was reported earlier that the "Costa Concordia" stranded. Currently, the ship hull still visible above the water surface, but the ship heeled heavily to starboard and is continuing to sink.

Liner on Friday left the port of Civitavecchia near Rome to cruise through the Mediterranean and headed to Savona.

According to the Russian Embassy in Italy, on board the ship Costa Concordia were 108 citizens of Russia. The official said the diplomatic mission, the information given them by a tourist company that sold tickets for this cruise.

The prefect of the Italian province of Grosseto, Giuseppe Linards reported that according to updated figures killed three people, not eight.

Part of tourists vacationing on the "Costa Concordia", including Russian and Ukrainian, were not only without things, but without passports, since in the settlement gave them at the reception liner. Now the citizens of Russia and Ukraine to ship Costa Concordia housed in hotels at airports of Milan, Rome and Nice.

Currently missing are 70 people, rescue workers are finding them. Of the rescued passengers have about 40 people to provide medical assistance, some of them are in serious condition. Russians among the victims there.


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