Taylor Lautner Sharkboy Lavagirl, Taylor Lautner on Playing 'Shark Boy' in "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl:" "He’s a superhero and he’s made up by Max [played by Cayden Boyd]. He dreams Shark Boy and Lava Girl up. Shark Boy’s very self-confident and sometimes his confidence gets him into trouble. And you know he’s really jealous of Max in the movie and he goes into these things called shark frenzies and he bites bars and rips stuff. But he was fun to play."

Taylor Lautner on Robert Rodriguez and Starring in a 3-D Movie: "It was fun. Robert, you know, he loves video games so he plays video games with us a lot. And everybody loves Robert because he helped us a lot. The 3-D stuff you have to make your body different so the 3-D works. Like if you were holding something, you’d put your hand in front of the camera so it sticks out at the audience. But then when you get really in the moment, you want to move your body but you can’t. It’s difficult but it’s fun."

On What Makes Robert Rodriguez Great to Work With: "He’s very, very humble and he never lets anything get to his head. He’s like a star director but then he wears cowboy hats and jeans with holes in them all the time so we all love him."

On Working with Green Screens: "You know it’s kind of hard. You have to have a good imagination but Robert Rodriguez helps us. He paints the picture in our head. He’s like, 'Thhis is over here, this is over here. This is what you’re doing.' So it’s kind of tough but he helped us a lot."

Taylor Lautner on Doing Stuntwork in "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl:" "Well I do extreme martial arts and he saw a tape of me and he let me choreograph my own stunt scene in the film. I also do a song and I flip to that. The extreme martial arts is like a bunch of acrobatics and flips and tricks," said Lautner. Lautner explained that he used to do extreme martial arts during his off-time, but doesn't really have the spare time anymore to compete in the sport. "I still train at my house but I can’t compete because it’s just way too busy, but it’s a good skill to have."

The young cast also got the chance to do wire work in the Rodriguez film. "When we’re like jumping off cliffs or when we fall or something. The wire work was one of our favorite parts just because you got to hang up in the air upside and all that kind of stuff," explained Lautner.

While Lautner had a great time doing his own stunts, he recalls that running to a volcano in a scene from the film was probably the toughest stunt he's had to do. Lautner said, "They had me on wires and I’m running on a treadmill and it’s like going 99 miles an hour. And it’s really tiring because they had me do that for 10 minutes straight. Sometimes you just want to go, 'Stop!'”

The Difference Between "The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" and "Spy Kids:" "It’s different characters and it’s kind of like more dreamy. 'Spy Kids' is more like real but this is more in the dream world. There’s a lot more action in this movie than in 'Spy Kids.' There’s fight scenes and battles, and it’s very funny because George Lopez is in it."

Up Next for Taylor Lautner - "Cheaper by the Dozen 2:" "I am just going to go to my 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl' premiere, then go to Austin, then I’m leaving straight to Canada to shoot 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2.'" Lautner will play the son of Eugene Levy and Carmen Electra in the sequel to the 2003 comedy. "I’ll have seven brothers and sisters. There’s eight kids total but then there’s the whole other family and it’s going to be a riot because it’s like all competition," said Lautner.

Lautner's expecting to have a lot of fun on the set of "Cheaper by the Dozen 2." As part of Levy and Electra's huge family, he'll get to battle it out with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt's onscreen brood. "We canoe ride and we’re doing a bunch of activities and competitions. We also get to go and live in a cabin on the lake for four weeks so that’s going to be a riot."

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