Before They Were Twilighters
Before They Were Twilighters, It's hard to imagine now, but those "Twilight" kids weren't always Hollywood's top bloodsuckers. No, before they became creatures of the night, they were struggling actors trying to make a name for themselves. Find out how far they've come.

Perhaps none of the Twilighters has gained as much from his role as Taylor Lautner, who bulked up to keep his role as Jacob Black and transformed into one of Hollywood's up-and-coming hunks. But before Lautner was a wolfboy in "Twilight," he was a different sort of human-animal hybrid. taylor lautner sharkboy lavagirl, taylor lautner new role,
In the "Twilight" movies, Robert Pattinson plays the deathless, dashing leading man. But before he got all sparkly, he played a less fortunate second-string character in a different movie adaptation of a popular book. robert pattinson looks like susan boyle, robert pattinson sex scene
Kristen Stewart made a name for herself in Hollywood by playing Bella Swan, the mopey girl who still feels sad despite having two hot guys fighting over her. But Stewart wasn't always a dark-haired, waifish beauty she is today. In fact, in her first major role, she looked very different. kristen stewart snow white,
This former moppet is well on her way to status as a full-fledged leading lady, but Dakota Fanning wasn't too big to take a supporting role in the "Twilight" movies -- and a villainous supporting role at that, as the evil vampire Jane. But can you name the drama that gave Fanning her first major role?
Even in a cast as photogenic as that of "Twilight," Kellan Lutz stands out. It may be no surprise that he worked as a model before his career as an actor, but can you name the 2006 gymnastics movie that gave Lutz his big break?
Ashley Greene had small roles here and there before landing a part in the "Twilight" series, so this look into her past is going to go way back. In fact, we found photos of her in high school. who is ashley green dating,
In "Twilight," Nikki Reed plays another one of the fang-toothed Cullen clan members. But she got her start years earlier alongside an actress who went on to play a bloodsucker in a different, popular vampire-centric franchise.
Although known to serious Twi-hards as "Victoria No. 2," Bryce Dallas Howard made a strong showing as the flame-haired big bad, Victoria, in the latter three "Twilight" movies. Howard's career might have benefited from her generous director dad, but he didn't direct the film that was her big break. seth gabel fringe bryce dallas howard,
Peter Facinelli plays the "Twilight" vampire patriarch, Carlisle Cullen, but in real life he's barely older than the rest of his brood. Facinelli scored his first role in 1995, but his first memorable turn happened in a 1999 teen movie... where he happened to star alongside every other '90s teen up-and-comer.
Anna Kendrick fans, but her character does not get any vampire-based superpowers in the final installments. However, Kendrick -- who played Bella's chatty human friend in the original and reprised the role in the sequels -- is currently the only "Twilight" alum to boast an Oscar nomination.
Jackson Rathbone smolders onscreen as the vampire Jasper, but it was only a few years ago that Rathbone was still playing a tweener. And the difference between his leading-man looks now and his baby face then is quite striking.
The Cullen family matriarch, Esme, is played by Elizabeth Reaser, who joined the "Twilight" team with more experience and a longer filmography than her bloodsucking colleagues. But what ensemble dramedy marked Reaser's biggest pre-"Twilight" role? elizabeth reaser the family stone, elizabeth reaser kristen stewart grown a lot,
The final two installments of the "Twilight" saga boast a much-expanded cast of characters, and included among the new vampires is Irina, played by Maggie Grace. She should look very familiar to fans of sci-fi, but what series was it that gave Grace her big start? maggie grace taken 2,
Reprising the role of villainous, psychic vampire Aro from "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is Michael Sheen, who's perhaps the most accomplished actor of all the "Twilight" casts. "Why does he look familiar?" you may ask. Oh, where to start…


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