Robin Gibb reportedly battling cancer, Robin Gibb liver cancer Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has reportedly been diagnosed with liver cancer.

The 61-year-old singer has been seen looking increasingly frail in public over the last few weeks.

He was thought to be suffering from stomach problems, but earlier this week was rushed to hospital after his health deteriorated. He spent five hours there on Tuesday and is now back at home with his family. His 91-year-old mother and musician brother Barry have both flown to the UK from America to be with him.

'Robin is not good and there is a lot of concern for him. You can use your wealth to call in the best experts but sometimes no amount of fame, prestige and money can change things when it comes to cancer,' a friend of the star told British newspaper The Sunday Mirror. robin gibb stomach pains,

'But Robin is a strong character, he is a fighter and has been encouraged by all the online messages from his fans. Dwina [his wife] is doing everything ¬possible and hasn't left his side.

'There will be difficult times ahead but Robin will never give up and his loving family will make sure he has everything he needs. There is ¬frustration because Robin has always looked after himself. He doesn't drink, eats well and exercises daily.'

Dwina has apparently been studying alternative medications, and has also arranged for Robin to be treated by a London clinic. He will also go to hospital appointments and see a separate doctor.

The two have been married for 26 years and have a son together called Robin-John.

Robin's mother Barbara is staying with him and Dwina at their home in Oxfordshire, while Barry and his wife Linda are at their own house in Buckinghamshire.

The family have suffered several heartbreaks over the years. Robin and Barry's brother Andy died aged 30 in 1988, while Robin's twin Maurice passed away in 2003.

'It is incredibly sad for Barbara. First she lost her son Andy, then Maurice and now she has to cope with seeing Robin like this,' another insider told the publication.

'It is a lot for a mother, particular of her age, to deal with. Barry has also been there for his brother and a lot of friends have been rallying round.'

In October, Robin was hospitalised after experiencing stomach pains. He then pulled out of several performances.

His family have not commented on the report.

via: music-news


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