Dog reportedly caught driving

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Dog reportedly caught driving
Dog reportedly caught driving, +Dog drive bus after observing owner, Smart dog caught driving mobile home in Australia. Melbourne, Nov 20 (PTI) A dog has been caught driving a double-decker mobile home in Australia after learning how to drive by watching his owner.

Woodley, a two-year-old German Koolie, an Australian dog breed, was spotted hunched over the wheel as the vehicle sped down the street in Darwin in Northern Territory.

Owner Richard McCormack said the clever mutt had learned to drive by observing him at the controls - and it wasn''t the first time, media reports said.

McCormack, said: "He sits next to me when I''m driving and in the driver''s seat when I''m not. The handbrake is on the dashboard and he''s seen me release it many times.

"He was just copying me. He''s tried it on before."

The vehicle was eventually brought to a halt when bystander Phil Newton managed to jump in and put the hand brake back on.

Woodley took the vehicle for a spin after McCormack parked up and popped into a shop for a couple of minutes. +dog double decker bus, german coolie dog, +dog drive bus after observing owner, driving dog bus,
He said: "I came out and saw the bus going down the road. I couldn''t believe it."

Newton caught sight of Woodley before leaping through an open window.



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