Tulisa boyfriend Fazer

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Tulisa boyfriend Fazer
Tulisa boyfriend Fazer. Tulisa Contostavlos is ridiculously disciplined when it comes to not talking about her private life and while it has been rumoured for a number of years that she is dating her N-Dubz bandmate Fazer, she has always avoided confirming the fact in public.However, in a recent interview with The Mirror the new X Factor judge dropped the strongest hint yet that she and the rapper are in a relationship and admitted that she is very happy and in love.

Tulisa said:

‘I’m really happy and have the best boyfriend- he’s really supportive in what I’m doing with the show.’

‘He’s my rock- he’s been there for me throughout the past few months. I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without him.’

Tulisa, 23, and Fazer have known each other since they formed their band, with her cousin Dappy twelve years ago. It is thought that they started sleeping together on an off a few years ago, but settled into a relationship last May, though they made a pact never to discuss it in the press, because they didn’t want to upset or alienate their fans.

Speaking to heat magazine last week, Fazer dropped hints about the status of his love life too, when asked when was the last time he had sex.

He stated ‘last night’ and when asked who his partner was, laughed that her identity was really ‘pretty obvious.’

Source: unrealitytv


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