As you know, "The Hills Have Eyes", and the walls - the ears. In addition, there are ears and telephones, especially those published by Apple. C using the design studio Gilsanz Daniela (Daniela Gilsanz), were born original covers for the iPhone 4, which are called EARonic cases and may camouflage the vehicles under the specified portion of the human body.
 Collection of original covers for the iPhone called EARonic cases so far consists of five instances where there is a suitable "ears" for men and women, with non-formals "tunnels" and businessmen with an everlasting Bluetooth to your ear, almost holders of Pushkin's short cropped sideburns and people. Perhaps some kinds of ears in this collection are still missing, but all the time.

From the phone's ears grow. EARonic: Original Covers
It's funny looking man with the phone, dressed up in such a case, during a conversation with someone at the other end of the "wires". Design the cover is designed in such a way that a present to your ear, it's perfectly disguises it a visually replacing the current drawn by Daniela Gilsanz. As a result, we catch a "bug" that a man imitates a telephone conversation, when in fact the opposite is true.

The cost of such cover is $ 20, but to see the entire collection, please visit CollabCubedShop.


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