Ricki Lake Dancing Injury

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Ricki Lake Dancing Injury
Ricki Lake Dancing Injury. "Dancing with the Stars" Season 13 rehearsals are in full swing, and one celebrity has already suffered a minor injury - Ricki Lake."Look, my first injury. #DWTS @derekhough. Don't ask how it happened," Ricki Tweeted on Thursday afternoon, linking to a photograph of her leg, which showed signs of a bruise and a cut.

Ricki Tweeted that a health care professional was on the scene following the incident, but Access Hollywood has learned no one called the paramedics and the star was not treated.

"Not sure how my bruise turned into a medic showing up? I'm fine!!" Ricki Tweeted a few hours later.

A medic was at the location where she rehearses, but Access has learned it was not related to Ricki's incident. The medic was responding to another incident, but went to the wrong address, which happened to be where Ricki was rehearsing.

As for the talk show host, she continued on in fighting spirit, later Tweeting to Season 12 runner-up Kirstie Alley, noting the actress is her inspiration.

"@kirstiealley I've got my work cut out for me. Channeling ya' mama," Ricki wrote.

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