Petition calls for George Carlin Street in NYC
Petition calls for George Carlin Street in NYC. Petition Calls For George Carlin Street In NYC, Would not it be cool if it were called “seven dirty words Boulevard” instead? George Carlin, legendary comedian biting satire influenced generations of comedians, you can get your own street.At the request of launched by comedian Kevin Bartini to baptize children’s block of Carlin Street in the west of 121 “George Carlin Way” has already accumulated nearly 3,000 signatures – and the support of Carlin’s daughter, Kelly. “I think it’s very important to protect his legacy and keep the torch and keep the conversation in the next 40 years and am very proud and honored to do it,” he told ABC News this week.

Although the famous biting wit, who died in 2008, could never have been the type you can imagine as a statue in Central Park, his view is still exclusively urban deeply resonant today, a beloved part of the culture sidewalks and slopes of Gotham as thin crust pizza, open fire hydrants and crazy people muttering to themselves. And despite the neighborhood Community Board representative told the Village Voice on Tuesday that “we heard about today, so we have no details,” the city certainly has its share of street name of distinguished New Yorkers. More recently, the Bronx has won in a way Thurman Munson and the center has a way of Saul Bruckner. ”

Why not give Morningside Heights a bit of magic Carlin? As Kelly Carlin says: “” I know my father loved her deeply and neighborhood you know, I think it’s important that New Yorkers know where it came from. “And in a city that never sleeps, what better place could there be to honor a man who revolutionized the art of stand up?


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