Kerry Katona can't kick the cigarettes after enrolling at bootcamp, Kerry Katona can't quit the cigarettes despite starting an exercise regime. She has enrolled herself at bootcamp in a bid to shift those excess pounds - and to keep up with her toyboy Lucien Laviscount.
But there are some bad habits Kerry Katona just cannot seem to kick.

She was spotted smoking a cigarette immediately upon leaving the ITV studios today after appearing on Loose Women.

The 31-year-old seemed desperate for her fix as she lit up the second she walked out of the door.

She was determined to lose weight ahead of her stint on Celebrity Big Brother and has become more motivated than ever since leaving the house.
Quick fix: Kerry seemed desperate for her fix as she left the ITV studios after appearing on Loose Women

But the cigarettes won't help her exercise get any easier, and certainly won't keep her looking young for Lucien.

The pair are rumoured to be dating after meeting in the Big Brother house, and have claimed that they are 'friends with benefits'.
Work it: Kerry Katona has an intensive workout at bootcamp

Lucien may be 12 years her junior at 19-years-old, but the pair hit it off in the house and proved that age is nothing but a number.

And the Atomic Kitten singer dragged her pal Danielle Brown, the sister of Spice Girl Mel B, along for the ride.

Kerry was photographed doing a series of intensive workouts which included boxing, running on the spot and running alongside other bootcamp attendees while they all carried a heavy log.
Packing a punch: Kerry Katona enlisted the help of pal Danielle Brown for boxing practice
Admitting defeat?: Danielle brown playfully collapses to the floor to show her exhaustion

The Celebrity Big Brother runner-up was put through her paces by a camouflage wearing bootcamp trainer, who achieves results through tough love and army style instruction.

But Kerry made it through the intensive workout with a smile on her face.

She was seen practising her punches with Danielle, who playfully collapsed to the floor during the exercise to show her exhaustion - while Kerry collapsed into laughter at her friend's lack of enthusiasm.
Heavy lifting: Bootcamp attendees were instructed to run while holding a heavy log
A good sport: Despite the difficult training, Kerry kept a smile on her face the entire time
The mother-of-four's weight has frequently fluctuated and seen her become something of a yo-yo dieter.

Despite undergoing a major health kick last year which saw her drop to a size eight, Kerry put the weight back on through comfort eating after splitting with her management company.

She tried a series of workouts including hiring a personal trainer and attending Zumba dance classes in the run-up to Big Brother, but now Kerry seems to have settled on notoriously intensive bootcamp.
Friends with benefits: Kerry is shaping up for Big Brother housemate Lucien Laviscount, who she is rumoured to be dating

Danielle was pictured picking her friend up from Riverside studios this week after Kerry was there to film ITV2's Celebrity Juice, and the blonde was showing off the results of her hard work in a figure-hugging dress.

Danielle, who is the spitting image of her Spice Girl sister, has been estranged from her sibling for the last three years.
The results: The girls flaunted their figures following their training at the exercise camp



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