Spend it like Beckham! Chic David goes undercover as scruffy store worker and tries to sell his aftershave in TV skit,  David Beckham was almost unrecognisable in his disguise for a skit on Ellen today.

Many people think David Beckham would do almost anything to sell his after shave.

But he took it to a whole new level today after going undercover as a Target employee as an fragrance salesman.

The LA Galaxy super star donned a store uniform, baseball cap and unfashionable glasses as he tried to hawk his Homme cologne at a branch of the discount store in Hollywood.

Footballer David is famous for spraying majestic cross-field passes, but he was trying to spray customers with his scent as he tried his hardest to make a few sales.

The midfielder was just playing for laughs as part of a skit on Ellen DeGeneres's popular US talk show.

The charismatic former Manchester United star looked far from his usual hunky self in his unflattering ensemble, and no doubt his famously high-pitched voice made approaching customers even more difficult.

Ellen controlled what the footballer said and did by issuing instructions through a speaker in his hat.
No smelling sticks David? The star made women sniff the aftershave on his leg
He's at it again: But his unique selling style was not having the desired effect

He pretended he was Ricky, an Australian supermarket worker who had been tasked with selling the fragrance.

As one customer stopped to take a sniff, he told her 'actually, let me spray it on my leg. It smells so much better.'

And moments later he sparked howls of laughter from the audience when he was misspoke the phrase 'rustic scent' as 'a very rough extent' as he tried to continue his sales pitch.

He then tried to explain his accent away to locals by saying, 'I'm, from Australia,' but he was almost rumbled when a customer told him he sounded 'very English.'
'Howdy partner': Rhinestone cowboy David screamed out in a thoroughly unconvincing accent

The 115-times capped England international then tried to portray a Texan accent by screaming 'howdy partner,' at the top of his lungs but admitted beforehand he 'wasn't very good at it.'

When a lady said she liked David Beckham and that he looked like him, he replied, 'I wish I looked like him.'

When he asked if he sounded like him the eagle-eyed lady said he was him, but he tried to stop her from rumbling his ruse by denying it.

When she continued to protest he added: 'I am not David Beckham, stop spreading rumours.'
Where's Duncan Bannatyne when you need him? David could have done with some selling tips after his pitch fell flat
Evil genius: Ellen fed David lines from her comfy chair in the studio

His sales pitch was rapidly going downhill, and he even tried to serenade a woman into taking a sniff by bursting into a refrain of the Chris de Burgh classic Lady In Red, but it was unsuccessful.

David's performance was drawing him ever nearer to an early bath, especially when he again mistook the phrase 'if you stink come buy cologne,' for 'if you think come buy cologne.'

He tried to recover by turning the phrase into an impromptu football chant.

When some men finally approached him for a smell of his fragrance he almost blew it by spraying the trio in the face.
Watch out David's about: Beckham relives his favourite Jeremy Beadle memories by taking off his disguise

David was getting desperate, and he even told someone to 'stick it in your pocket, nobody is looking. It's a small box,' and even put it in the man's pockets despite his protests.

Ellen decided it was time for him to be given the red card, and ordered him to take his hat and glasses off after he was challenged again on his identity.

However there was still time for one last blunder, as instead of explaining he was appearing on the show 'switcheroo,' he said he was starring in 'chicheroo.'

No doubt the fashion conscious former England captain was relieved when he was able to put on his own clothes again when filming was finished.
Starting her young: Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres presented David with a mini LA Galaxy tracksuit for his new daughter Harper

It was a hugely different way of trying to sell a fragrance than the hunk's recent advertisement for the aftershave, which 'encapsulates the spirit of David.'

He showed off his athletic body when he posed and ran around topless topless in the advert in July.

Later on David appeared on the show, and Ellen DeGeneres soon turned the conversation to more personal matters.

And the father-of-four admitted he would love to have more children with his former Spice Girl wife Victoria.
That's the way to do it: David sells his own fragrance by baring his body

He said if they 'were lucky enough to have another one' they would be very happy about it.

The former Real Madrid star added: 'We always spoke about having a big family. We love children.

'We are very blessed to have four healthy children so if one comes along that would be amazing.'

Comedienne Ellen then asked if having seven family members would make it more special, as it is the shirt number he has worn for most of his career.

David said: 'Yes. What can say, I love the number seven.'

Ellen then gave David a pink LA Galaxy tracksuit with his number on it for baby daughter Harper, who was born in July.


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