Henry Winkler appointed honorary OBE for dyslexia work, Henry Winkler, the actor best known as the Fonz from Happy Days and Barry Zuckerkorn in Arrested Development, has been awarded an honorary OBE for his dyslexia work.

Winkler was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult. Since then, he has worked to raise awareness of the condition and to show children that dyslexia is not a disability or something shameful. That work has included tours of UK schools.

Winkler is also behind a series of popular books featuring Hank Zipzer, a teen suffering from dyslexia who is in some ways modelled on Winkler. In this Q&A, Winkler discusses their similarities and the aim of the Hank Zipzer books in general.

An honorary OBE does not require the bearer to swear allegiance to the Queen, but also does not confer the title ‘Sir’. So technically Henry Winkler can’t refer to himself as Sir Henry Winkler, although the rules are pretty relaxed, as with Bob Geldof, an Irish citizen who is nevertheless commonly referred to as Sir Bob Geldof in the media.


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