Zach and his collection of baseballs
The world's largest collection of baseballs Zack Hempla Do you love baseball as well as his love Zack Hempl? This is an ordinary guy from New York's famous throughout the world, thanks to a unique collection of baseballs. He has already managed to get more than 5800 exhibits, and it is not going to stop there!

Baseballs - passion Zach Hempla

We have previously written about the unusual collectors, among them were Russian collectors of bottle caps, and the amazing American Zizi Howell, which every year multiplies the number of "carrots" tattoos on his body. Zak craze Hempla also causes many of affection. Man tries not to miss any baseball game and during the game picks up all the balls in good faith, find themselves abroad, field, and sometimes he even manages to convince anyone of the players or coaches to throw him a couple of balls.

The apartment is Zac Hempla balls can be found in unexpected places
The apartment is Zac Hempla balls can be found in unexpected places

"Hunting" on baseballs - not easy, Zach has a good physical preparation, a good wit and, of course, always looks forward to accompanying him luck! The guy does not shun the fact that during the game to change T-shirts with logos for each team, in order to get the balls of both opponents. In order to gain the players, he turns to them in their native language.

A special glove helps Zack to pick balls in tight spaces

The unusual hobby came from Zach in 1990, but he did not think to stop, because now he can catch balls 8.9 per game. American recognizes that literally obsessed with this lesson! He even published three books about how he was able to assemble such an impressive collection, which, incidentally, is the largest in the world!

Zach Hempl released three books under the straightforward name * Baseball *

It is commendable that Zach collects the balls are not for the sake of popularity. About three years ago, he launched a charity: for every guy gets the ball caught seven dollars, the money he lists organizations Pitch in for Basebal, which provides everything necessary to play baseball in underprivileged youth around the world!


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