It is said that "silence - gold," but there is room in the state of Minnesota in the U.S.
that is so quiet, that over time you will be there just unbearable.
Room blocks 99.99 percent of external sounds, and nobody has been able to make more than 45 minutes of being in it.

The most peaceful place in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records is located in South Minneapolis Orfild Laboratories (Orfield Laboratories). To achieve the exceptional silence in the room used fiberglass acoustic platform one meter wide, double wall insulated steel and concrete thickness of 30 cm
The company's founder and its president Steven Orfild (Steven Orfield) told me that when it gets so quiet, your ear starts to adapt.

"The quieter the room, the more things you hear. You begin to hear your heart beating, sometimes as moving your lungs or your stomach rumbling like. In an anechoic chamber you become a sound, "- he explained.

Orfild explained that it was very confusing, and makes you sit in one place. We focus on the sounds that we hear when we go. In an anechoic chamber, you do not have any signals that allow you to balance and maneuver. If you find yourself here for half an hour, it is better to remain in the chair.

This camera is used by many manufacturers to test the volume of their products, such as heart valves, the sound of mobile phone screen, the sound of a switch on the dashboard of a car. Also it is used to determine the quality of sound.

But for a man such a room can be a severe test. After a few minutes of being there, you get used to the absence of sound, starting to catch all weaker sounds. In severe cases, a shutdown of the sense organs can drain you. NASA astronauts are trained by placing in a tank filled with water in the room, over time, begin to experience hallucinations, as the body tries to create sounds from scratch.

With the lights out, it's a long time, which could sustain a person in the room was 45 minutes.
The founder was able to make only a half hour. According to him, most people are not distracting noise, and silence.


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