Playboy magazine has made an annual ranking of the most beautiful and successful famous men in Hollywood.

First place went to George Clooney.
50-year-old bachelor, is still considered eligible bachelor and one of the most desirable men in the world. Clooney gets into these rankings on a regular basis. In a recent interview, the actor said that these rankings spoil his reputation.
In second place sex symbols Englishman Daniel Craig, James Bond in "Casino Royale".
By the way, as an actor has admitted he is afraid of heights, and the shooting bondiniany had terrible bouts of vertigo during episodes of car chases and gunfights on the top bunk.
Third place in football and exemplary family man David Beckham.
The father of four children and an icon of style is always impeccably dressed, fashionably trimmed, perfectly composed, in a successful career. Slowly getting old, known for her henpecked little woman Victoria.
Fourth place with Leonardo di Caprio. The image of the cute Romeo, few people remember. Leo has long turned into a serious mature man who is actively involved in charity work, and environmental problems, for which he praise and respect. His latest role - a strong, confident men. The image of the tearful lover guy from "Titanic" was in the past.
DiCaprio admits that he was uncomfortable to be the object of universal passion, and the title of sex symbol to put it mildly, embarrassing. DiCaprio all the forces trying to get rid of the image cute pretty boy: let his beard, put on his hat, stouter.
Fifth place - Prince William.
He has been in his younger years hatch bald spots, but it is still elegant and gallant man's dream, though married.
Sixth place - Jake Gilenhaal, who played in the notorious blue cowboy movie "Brokeback Mountain." The richest of the young actors in Hollywood and a favorite of American teenagers and gay men.
"It's a good man in many respects - in the press praised the actor Natalie Portman. - A sample of this. The guitar playing, singing. His love kids and dogs. Jake loves his mother and sisters. It is not surprising that he - a sex symbol for millions. "The very same actor believes that such accidental falls into the rankings and he is not handsome.
Seventh place, Matthew McConaughey, newly out of Indiana Jones film "Sahara."
Eighth place: "Die Hard" Bruce Willis, who has long passed for fifty dollars
Ninth place: an Englishman, and many children's father Jude Law.
Brad Pitt, despite the fact that the newly rejuvenated to 20 years, got a rating on the tenth. Passion Pitt subsided, soon he may, and does leave the ratings of the sexiest men of the world.


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