In October last year, Grace Brown began her photographic project titled "Unbreakable." With photos of Grace helps the victims of rape, photographing them with posters with the words of their rapists. Thus, the negative energy from abandoned them once the word goes back to the criminals.

1. "I do not think that once I tell you this ... but I forgive you."
2. "I was not hurt to lose my virginity."
3. "Meet me at the top, if you want me to put it in you .... I would not want to wake up your brother. "
4. "Do not be a bitch. Well, why do not you want to dance with me? "
5. "Maybe you're clever, but certainly not pretty. That you may not lead to anything ... but I will. "
6. "You still will not believe you're a woman and an American. You're a terrible bitch! "
7. "You do not."
8. That's what my father told me when I was 3 years old: "She gets mad at you", and then raped me for 13 years. Then I sent him to prison for 13 years!
9. "Yes, okay, I drove you to the city."
10. "Oh my God, you're so sexy ... Come on, baby, you know what you like."
11. "I do not mean to offend you. I'll never beat that? "- Dad.
12. "Now you can wash your mouth. Here's 50 cents. Mama do not tell "- my uncle. I was 3 years old. After me, he has abused children over 4. Nobody cared. Below: "Why are you so upset? It's not as bad as what happened to me when I was growing up "- my mother once told me how her brother raped me for 10 years.
13. "Shut up, I'm almost finished." The next day he left a note on my books, "Whore."
14. "Now you can go home."
15. "Be a guy, and just do it."


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