Fancy restaurants or what attract visitors? Man constantly strive to learn something new, to see the unusual. Restaurateurs compre world are trying to impress their guests. And that just does not go to each other skilled masters of catering to draw attention to your institution. In the world of the mass of abnormal establishments and talented lot of restaurateurs, whose imagination is only envy.

Underwater restaurant Itha

The Hilton in the Maldives during a meal with you will not keep an eye sharks, stingrays and other marine life. After all, the world's first fully glazed restaurant is located at a depth of five meters on a coral reef. The restaurant with 14 seats. You can get there by clicking on the wooden flooring and descended the spiral staircase.

Restaurant in a tree

In the island of Tobago Spreysayde you can dine in the crown of trees. The restaurant Jemma's Sea View Kitchen offers spectacular views of the island, and you can order the fish, lobster and chicken.


The restaurant Bollesje, housed in a former prison, the German city of Rüdesheim, the guests at the entrance fingerprinted and read the rules of conduct. Then offer visitors enjoy a "thieves 'cocktail' and wear a prison uniform, in which they have for some time immersed in an atmosphere of prison life.

Eat if You Can

Big Texan Steak Ranch Amarillo (United States) regularly carries out the action to the public - for dvuhkilogrammovy steak with a side dish with you not to take money if you eat it within an hour. Few visitors are able to ... Restaurant Guide knows this physiological feature of the human body, because a regular basis per share, attracting visitors and observers.

The smallest restaurant

Kuappi Iisalmi (Finland) - the smallest restaurant in the world - one table and two chairs.


Tables in the restaurant «De Kas» placed almost between the beds. All vegetables, fruits, herbs - environmentally friendly products. But this is not a vegetarian restaurant. A variety of dishes on the menu is made from local meat and, of course, seafood. Another "trick" restaurant - dining at the table chef: guests throughout the evening to watch the work as a virtuoso of the local cuisine.

Children's Restaurant

Kinderkookkafe - the most unusual restaurant in Amsterdam. Instead, adults are the waiters in this to really young children's institution of the Dutch not only serve visitors and generate invoices, but also prepared under the supervision of an adult ... cook delicious food, especially desserts ... And what a pleasure visitors to leave a tip - do not see this in any other restaurant .

In the dark

O'Noir Montreal - «dark" restaurant ... restaurant interiors done in dark colors, and meet and escort guests to the tables by waiters in night vision devices. The restaurant's banned cigarette lighters, mobile phones and other illuminations. The first such facility opened in 1999 in Zurich, since the idea became so popular that today, in the dark you can dine in almost any country in the world - France, Germany, Britain, Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, China ...

The restaurant on the ground

Lunch at a height of 50 meters above the ground, a restaurant Dinner in the Sky in Brussels ... just a table can accommodate 22 people, not counting the three chefs, waiters and entertainers ... all this company, together with a table, canopy, lights, seats with seat belts to deliver "sky" ... a crane total weight of "restaurant" is approximately 2.2 tons of ...

Sushi with a body

Unusual Japanese Restaurant «HADAKA SUSHI» works in Los Angeles. In this place all the dishes are served on the bodies of the girls. The girls who work in the restaurant, lay on the table, and their bodies placed sushi.


In Vienna, the Dutch designers presented a bar shaped like a "rectum." The main idea of ​​a bar was the human digestive system. Designers have tried to bring to the bar almost all the elements inside and out, from the language of the esophagus, stomach, intestines - to the smallest detail, including the output of the human body.

Bar - Railway

Bar Rail is striking in its originality. The place is decorated in an original style and waitresses in the place of orders delivered by railroad train.

At the foot of a waterfall

The main attraction of the restaurant Villa Escudero is a waterfall. Once people are violent waterfall was put in concrete and ennobled, set tables in the water at the bottom. Visitors to the restaurant walk, rolling his pants because the water level from 15 to 20 cm after eating or before taking can soak up the warm waters of the waterfall, or enjoy the beautiful view of the falling water.

Restaurant in a cliff

Restaurant «Grotta Palazzese» only works in the summer, as it is located in a limestone cave, which overlooks the sea. The restaurant Italian cuisine. You can spend an unforgettable summer evening, enjoy the summer breeze, pleasant music and magnificent sea views. In the restaurant you may have the feeling that you are on a ship, where the waves crashing against the rocks accompany you on a fascinating journey.

Restaurant in a tree

In the five-star Soneva Kiri in Thailand, you can dine at the top of the tree. The owners came up with a unique restaurant. They attach great wicker baskets to local exotic trees, and raise them to a height of four and a half meters above the ground. In these nests are basket-tables and seats, which can be good for lunch. The waiters serve the guests tables, going on special rope "tracks."


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