Many animals have adapted to the particular conditions of life, but some of them are the champions of its kind. They are so resistant to death, which are virtually immortal. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh climate, and many other deadly creatures for normal conditions. In this collection we will tell you about five of these creatures.

1. immortal jellyfish
Turritopsis nutricula better known as the immortal jellyfish and fully deserves its nickname. After puberty, the creature returns to the initial stage of the polyp and begins to mature again. This process can be endless, life cycle can be repeated infinitely many times. Like the protagonist of the film "Interesting Case of Benjamin Button 'ages jellyfish, then getting any younger, and it happens to infinity

2. hydra
Hydra is somewhat similar to the immortal jellyfish. But this process scientists are not yet fully explored. It is known that the hydra is a special camera that is easy to die and are replaced by new ones. Thus greatly simplifies the process of detoxification and elimination of various defects

3. Fish Lang
Light of the small fish - its main weapon, making it immortal. They allow it to survive very long periods of drought, lasting up to one year. This fish can live dug into the mud and hibernate for the whole summer, easily survived the drought period without nutrients. An interesting experiment was conducted with fish accidentally lang - during transport metal cube with mud, where it was placed, was lost. He was found just after 6 months, with the mud turned into a dry stone. She was a little bit diluted with water and the fish continued to breathe, as if nothing had happened half a year later

4. Tardigrada
It is called water bears, although nothing to do with it, it does not matter. If the Bears were just as tenacious, we were not like now threatened with extinction. It's slow moving microscopic animal lives in water. Its length is only half a millimeter, tardigrades can be found all over the world, from the Himalayas and the equator to the distant polar
areas. This creature is very flexible to weather conditions, making it extremely resistant to death. Tardigrades can survive temperatures of minus 273 degrees Celsius and plus 151 degrees. It is also a creature can withstand radiation doses in excess of 1,000 times the maximum dose to any other creature on the planet. Ten years without any moisture is not a problem for tardigrades. In 2007, the tardigrades were placed in a complete vacuum in low orbit. Surprisingly, the return to Earth, they were still alive
5. wood Council
Wood Council is a giant insect like the cockroach, and lives in New Zealand. Nevertheless, it is able to survive in colder countries. It is a special blood protein that prevents the blood stops. Even under the influence of the large sub-zero temperatures of the blood will still be operational. The heart and the brain will be completely off the insect, like a zombie. But in some miraculous way they could start work when the insect thaw


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