Dirty, izmazyukatsya, udelal - each of these holidays can greatly expand your vocabulary on the part of "dirty" pleasures while at the same time and add adrenaline and cheer up.


Highlight of the program: over-ripe tomatoes

How many bottles of ketchup could come out of a tomato, an inglorious sginuvshih over 70 years of the Spanish "Tomatina," it is better not to count. The figure will astronomical. After all, every year at the famous Battle of tomato in Bunol their "dying" to 100 tons! But the Spaniards appreciate the fun above the vegetables. And it is precisely the "Tomatina" more than enough. Another would be: a few thousand adults once they fall into his childhood and for that - nothing. Fooling around people who are in that much: flung tomatoes, pour tomato slush, or splashing in a puddle of tomato puree. Beauty! Important not to play too long and do not forget, for what it all meant to tomato madness. And for that: for the hour, which lasts for a "battle" should "upomidorit" Bunol so that the wipers work enough for two months at least.


Highlight of the program: Color Powder

If you believe the guides, Holi in India - a celebration of spring and the rebirth of life. But if you believe your eyes, it's - crazy day. Nothing else is happening just can not explain. You just imagine: people sprinkle each other poisonous powder and bright with happy laughter. On this day, fooling around the whole country, and a billion Indians into a billion grimy, screaming with joy, pigs. "Well, not crazies, huh?" - Surprised those who in any subject. But for the Indians crazy - this is the one who is smeared with paint to give Holi. For people here believed, red-blue-green powder - the best guarantee of happiness for the whole next year. Like, the more color the dirt, the less you stick to every other - choose.


Highlight of the program: Well water

The most important thing to remember everyone got on the Thai New Year Songkran: Do not be offended. Thais pour a bucket of water on your head, ruin an expensive camera or a vymazhut your face with white clay - not to be offended. They are not out of malice - a tradition. Instead, as people drive on New Year's dance at the Christmas tree is the Olivier, the Thais in this day and fool around pour everything that moves. "Water patrols" are on every street corner. Wet an ambush waiting around every corner. Throw another in Thailand means that x thing to wish him happiness and good luck. So keep in mind: the less you have to dry clothes, the more luck next year, 2552nd for the Thai calendar.

Battle of Wine

Highlight of the program: Red Wine

It is well known: alcohol is pushing people to the exploits. In the Spanish city of Haro is learned earlier than others - the annual Battle of alcohol under the name «Batalla del Vino» is satisfied then 600 years old. And in fact, that these heroic battles, no one no doubt. Judge for yourself. Each year, June 29 Thousands of residents awake early in the morning, dress in white, armed with rifles, children's water pistols and climb with them on a neighboring hill. It turns wine and carnage. Instead of bullets - Rioja, the best known Spanish wine (it is produced in these parts). The carnage erupted serious. The militia have spared no ammunition, no to each other - each opponent tries to get a stream of wine into the mouth. End «Batalla del Vino» is always the same: all huddled together, as in vsamdelishnoy war.

Championship on throwing pies

Highlight of the program: Cream Cakes

His appearance this holiday is obliged to Charlie Chaplin. Yes, it's the people in his films the English countryside Kokskhet podglyadel the idea of ​​throwing pies at each other from the custard - the very same, small, liquid, which then flow down to the funny faces. Beastliness in chaplinovskoy idea was enough, the British flavor of its own rules (the highest score - a direct hit in the face, for the most ridiculous costume - extra points, etc.), and we've got a new sport. The world championships are held him in Kokskhete the 1960s. And all these years of wishing to no end. This is understandable: after all, "Battle of cakes" - this is probably the only sport where the really important thing is not winning but participating. After all, regardless of whether you win or not, cakes nalopaeshsya to five years ahead.

Dirty Brazilian Carnival

Highlight of the program: Green mud

Residents of the town of Parati is called the Sabbath, which they arrange every year, neither more nor less "alternative Brazilian carnival." Like, the one in Rio, Brazil's long-lost enthusiasm and has become too commercial. But we - the real. The alternative offered by the townspeople, is this: instead of Sambadroma with a parade - Lake Dzhabakuara with mud instead of gold and feathers - shorts and a bikini, instead of demonstrations - a friendly being covered with mud at each other. Well, everything else was as expected: Caipirinha, Samba (where do without it?), Playful Brazilians, Brazilian skaters and all that jazz. Half-naked, slightly drunk, smeared with dirt comes off on the young Dzhabakuara Beach, so that in fact no-no, and then suddenly thought, "And why go to Rio? Here, more fun. "

flour massacre

Highlight of the program: Wheat flour

that is: It is as if the Greeks - one of the most devout nations in Europe. Especially surprising that his most foul holiday - "flour massacre" - Clean Monday they have chosen one of the most important dates of the church calendar. Sabbath is in the seaside village of Galaxidi. On Monday, at 19.00 on cue at the village poured out of the crowd of villagers and tourists. This horde of easily mistaken for devils: old clothes, respirators and masks, and behind - the bags of flour. And they behave appropriately: a mad rush through the streets, obsypaya flour passersby and arranging all sorts of mischief. Winners in the "flour war" does not happen. On the contrary, each tries to smear more feasible - and then, when all "hell" crowd will be washed to the sea, is an excellent opportunity to ask the vending scratch the back of a stranger / stranger.


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