118 years ago was discovered Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Since then, millions of dancers have found here a home. An incredible amount of waltz, foxtrot and tango effect even at such landmark buildings as Ballroom. These days the walls of the Blackpool end one of the annual uborok.Uborku start from the floor, consisting of 30 602 plates, made of mahogany, oak and walnut. Paul sanded, varnished and polished. Then proceed to clean 14 ballroom chandeliers, each of which account for 80 lamps. If you need to produce replacement lamps. By the beginning of the season ballroom building should look like this, as on opening day in August 1894.

Beginning with the 1920 festival in Blackpool annually takes dance competitions, performances of gymnasts, circus shows. More than 650 thousand people visit the building every year. In the summer during performances roof of a building falls, and crystal chandeliers descend to the floor.
For 40 years, from 1930 to 1970 he worked at Blackpool's most famous organist Reginald Dixon, nicknamed Mr Blackpool. In 1929 the building of an organ company Wurlitzer. In 1935, he was replaced by a specially designed room for the organ, in whose establishment was involved and Mr Blackpool.
Fire destroyed the dance floor in 1956 and a restaurant located on the ballroom. In their reconstruction has been spent 500 thousand pounds sterling. After the restoration of the resumption of the weekly Sunday dance. Last year Blackpool received final nine episodes of Strictly Come Dancing.
One of the 14 chandeliers of the building ..
Paul Blackpool, consisting of 30 602 plates, made of mahogany, oak and walnut.
One of the Sunday dance parties in Blackpool Tower Ballroom.
The scene in Blackpool.
The pictures on the walls of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.
Luxury ballroom.
Blackpool Tower Ballroom is ready to take the audience and dancers.
Dancing couples crowded parquet Blackpool Tower Ballroom.
Dancing couples crowded parquet Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

Couples whirl in the dance on the dance floor Blackpool Tower Ballroom.
The building of Blackpool Tower Ballroom.


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