Suspect accidentally sets car on fire
Suspect accidentally sets car on fire, Louisville, KY Police said a drunken driving suspect accidentally set her car on fire during a traffic stop.

According to arrest records, an officer saw a car driven by 20-year-old Becca Voss weaving between lanes on Cardinal Boulevard around 2:53 a.m. Thursday.

Police said Voss was also driving at 41 mph in a 25 mph zone.

When the officer stopped Voss, she had red, glassy eyes and seemed disoriented, according to arrest records.

Police said Voss dropped a cigarette in the car's door, igniting papers in the door.
Voss failed several field sobriety tests, police said, and her blood-alcohol level was 0.207 percent. dui suspect car on fire,

The legal limit for driving in Kentucky is 0.08 percent. Voss was also in possession of her sister's identification, according to arrest records.

Voss is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving.

Source: wlky


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