Madonna's new song leaks online, madonna new single leaks, So everyone's been talking about Madonna lately. From her upcoming movie "W.E." and her recently announced clothing line to the rumors she'll be playing the Super Bowl halftime show and the details of her much-anticipated upcoming album, there's a lot going on in the Queen of Pop's court.

With respect to the music side of things, however, all we really have is a lot of speculation but very few confirmed facts. We think she's playing the Super Bowl. We hear that the first single from her new album will feature Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. Are those demos that keep popping up online really demos for her new album? Who the hell knows for sure. madonna album spring 2012 Give Me All Your Love madonna, madonna Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.,

But we now have something a little more concrete to carry us through – a snippet of the first single from Madonna's upcoming album. The song is called "Give Me All Your Love," and unlike those demos that keep leaking, this one actually features Her Madgesty's vocals.

What can we glean from 24-second clip? Well, she's certainly keeping her word that this will be a dancey affair. It's pure power pop and it almost feels more like a throwback, old school Madonna song than anything she's done in recent years.

Source: mtv


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