Jennifer Lopez carmen sandiego, The 42-year-old American Idol judge is producing and possibly starring in a live action film remake of the iconic franchise, Deadline reports. According to the site, Lopez will play detective Carmen Sandiego, the ACME agency's greatest detective who becomes the world's greatest thief. It's up to Carmen's partner to determine whether she's really a thief or a hero!

The film will be produced by Lopez, her Nuyorican Production partners' Benny Medina and Simon Fields and Underground Films' Nick Osbourne, Trevor Engelson and Devin Andre, according to Deadline. Lopez and her team will work with Walden Media, which creates properties that challenge kids. The first Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego educational game was released in 1985; it is now used as a teaching tool in more than half of elementary schools nationwide. The game also inspired a children's game show on PBS that aired from 1991 to 1995.

Carmen Sandiego even almost had a home on the silver screen in the late '90s. According to Deadline, Disney optioned it and developed a version for Sandra Bullock that never took off.

Beginning in 1998, Today Show cohost Matt Lauer began a globe-spanning adventure in a segment of the program called "Where in the World Is Matt Lauer." Lauer's version even borrowed the theme song from the PBS show sung by the group Rockapella.


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