Harry told to keep hands off?

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Harry told to keep hands off? - Prince Harry has been told to keep his distance from Pippa Middleton. Ever since the royal wedding between the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, things have gotten a bit steamy for Pippa Middleton on all levels. She raked in fans like crazy after serving as Kate's Maid of Honor wearing a form-fitting bridesmaid gown. Prince Harry was caught flirting with Pippa throughout the wedding day and Scotland's STV reports he has been told to stay away from her.

The report doesn't specify who told Prince Harry to keep his distance from Pippa, but it's not hard to believe since the royal family frowns on any type of scandal. However, the Scottish news source spoke with an insider who insists not even Prince Harry would turn her head given the fact she has an incredibly rich and handsome boyfriend -- Alex Loudon. Alex is a 30-year-old city broker who was once a cricket player. Prince Harry,

"Alex has no reason to fear Harry would turn Pippa's head," a source told Metro. "Harry may be royal, but Alex is upper crust, rich and good looking. He's exactly Pippa's type and I don't think even a prince would be much competition." +prince harry gila bend pizzeria,

''Prince Harry Linked with Longtime Girlfriend, Chelsy Davy''

Prince Harry is famously involved with Chelsy Davy, his girlfriend of many years that has been on and off in status. They are currently "on." The Daily Mail reported Monday that Prince Harry isn't interested in anyone else because he has feelings solely for Chelsy in spite of their ups and downs. The known issues that face the prince and Davy is the fact she doesn't want to manage the fuss of royal life and doesn't have an interest in living that type of lifestyle. She's from Africa and is close with her family. So, a life in Prince Harry's world would pretty much change everything. Harry gila bend "fornicating",

Will Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry Be at the Same Place at the Same Time in the Future?

Now that the royal wedding is over, all eyes will be curious to see if Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry be seen together for any reason. Pippa is up for assisting her sister, Kate, in more areas of royal life. If she travels abroad with Kate to be her Lady-in-Waiting, she won't run into Prince Harry. There will be royal engagements in London that may very well include Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton being at the same place at the same time. Will they steal the show on whether or not they'll be seen together or "flirting"?

Source: STV.tv


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