First official Angry Birds store opens
First official Angry Birds store opens, First Angry Birds store near Helsinki, Finland. Image from Rovio posted on Facebook.

Angry Birds store Angry Birds fans in Europe are about to get less angry. The world’s first official Angry Birds store opened today in Helsinki, Finland, complete with an oversized slingshot and shelves of plush pigs, perched much as they are in the Angry Birds game.

Why Finland? Rovio, the bestselling game’s developer, is based 15 minutes outside of Helsinki, so the new store was a natural Finnish fit. The shop’s doors opened for the first time at 11:11 a.m., European time, and had people camping outside of the store for days to be the first in line to purchase merchandise. Angry Birds half a billion downloads,

Rovio next plans to install an Angry Birds outlet in China, its fastest-growing market. The popularity of Angry Birds in China is so huge that an unauthorized amusement park attraction popped up at The Window of the World theme park in the Chinese city of Changsha. Rovio was apparently more amused by the park than angry; it may be cutting a deal with Window of the World to officially authorize the real-life version of its slingshot game.


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