Doctor claims to turn brown eyes blue, Doctor Says He Can Turn Brown Eyes Blue -- Permanently.
VIDEO: LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- If you've always wanted blue eyes, but have brown instead, there might be something you can do to change that. A doctor in Laguna Beach called Stroma Medical says it can use laser technology to change brown eyes to blue -- permanently -- without damaging vision...

Dr. Gregg Homer has been working on the technology for 10 years.

Homer says it is possible because even brown-eyed people have blue eyes underneath the brown layer of pigment.

"We use a laser, and it's tuned to a specific frequency to remove the pigment from the surface of the iris," Homer tells KTLA. The procedure takes about 20 seconds.

When laser energy is absorbed by the eye's brown pigment, Homer says the pigment tissue changes and then the body sheds the altered tissue, changing brown eyes to blue within two to three weeks. turn brown eyes blue permanent, laser procedure brown eyes, turn brown eyes blue,

The brown tissue never regenerates.

Homer says tests have shown no signs of tissue damage.

He still has another year of research to complete on the procedure.

Researchers believe the procedure will be available outside the United States in 18 months, and in the U.S. in three years.

It will cost about $5,000.

Homer says thousands of people have already emailed him expressing interest.

"They eyes are the windows to the soul," he says.

"A blue eye is not opaque, you can see deeply into it, and a brown eye is very opaque. I think there is something very meaningful about this idea of having open windows to the soul."



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