Brandon Ames + woman's thong

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Brandon Ames + woman's thong
Brandon Ames + woman's thong, How far would you go for a bet? What crazy activity would you take part in? Would you eat something disgusting? Do something embarrassing like, oh I don’t know, wear a skimpy pink thong while dancing around out side a Baptist church?

And, how much would you do it for? $50? $100? How about $300? That’s exactly what 23 yr old Brandon Ames told police after being arrested for doing just that.

Police say that Ames, who was “wearing only a female’s black and pink thong” that was described as not capable of containing his genitalia, was spotted flagging down cars on the roadway outside the Macedonia Baptist Church in Monroe, Lousiana as members were leaving last nights services.

Now as Ames sits in jail, no word if the alleged $300 will be enough to cover his bail. So kids, let that be a lesson to you. Next time, collect the money up front.


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