Strange local laws

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Strange local laws, Strange laws and odd bans can be found in every American state and around the world. Want to grab your own alligator hatchlings? Don't go to Florida. Does your pickup truck sport giant plastic male genitalia? Don't visit South Carolina anytime soon. While some of these wacky laws went on the books decades (or even a century) ago, city councils across the country continue to enact laws that have us shaking our heads. men caught with alligator hatchlings, woman ticketed for fake testicles,

Albany Georgia bans saggy pants, About the ban: The town has banned wearing saggy pants in public. The fine: Albany has garnered fines saggy pants ban $4,000. First-time offenders have to pay and first time fine +albany georgia bans saggy pants $25 fine.

New York city bans trans fat, About the ban: Restaurants across the city were forced to stop using a controversial ingredient in 2008. The fine: Eateries caught using the banned substance can face hefty fines. Trans fat + fines up to $2,000, new york trans fat ban,

Turin dog walk 3 times a day, Where: Turin, Italy, About the ban: Police in this northern Italian city rely on tipsters to turn in violators. The fine: Scofflaws can be fined up to 500 euros.turin must walk dog three times a day,

Billings against city ordinance pet rats, Where: Billings, Mont., About the ban: It's against a city ordinance to own, sell or raise a popular pet. The fine: Residents caught with the banned pets can be fined. +billings no pet rats "$300", billings montana pet rat law, pet rats,

No predictions allowed, Hattiesburg fortune-telling ban, Where: Hattiesburg, Miss.
About the ban: Some local business owners closed their doors after they received a violation notice last year. The fine: We're not sure exactly what these particular residents would pay, but some Hattiesburg fines are pretty high. +hattiesburg ordinance fines $1,000, hattiesburg fortune telling ban,

Santa Clara happy meal ban, Where: Santa Clara, Calif. About the ban: Kids in this Silicone Valley city may be disappointed to find something missing in their Happy Meals. santa clara happy meal 485 calories + 600 milligrams of sodium, The fine: Restaurants face large fines if they're found in violation. Santa Clara happy meal ban up to $1,000 fine, santa clara bans happy meal toys,

A wintertime-fun ban, Belton illegal to throw snowball, Where: Belton, Mo. About the ban: A cold-weather pastime is forbidden under a city ordinance. The penalty:belton mo throwing missile "it is not always enforced, but it is law."

A footwear ban, +Carmel high heels ban, Where: Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. About the ban: A well-known actor used to be mayor of this coastal city, where an unusual law was enacted in 1963. The fine: The law isn't enforced, but tourists can buy a "souvenir license" to take home with them. carmel city hall souvenir high heel license,

A bodily function ban, St. peters spit ban, Where: St. Peters, Mo. About the ban: The law passed last year after the mayor saw a man perform a distasteful act in front of city hall. The fine: We couldn't find any instances since the Missouri law was enacted, but an Ohio teen was fined in 2009 for the violation. bedford heights teen fined $226 for spitting, st. peters spit ban, mayor len pagano,


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