Replica AK-47 BB guns in Canada recalled, The RCMP has issued a formal recall for hundreds of replica AK-47 BB guns imported from China that investigators fear can be easily reconfigured into deadly prohibited weapons.

The recall notice comes after a nationwide investigation by the RCMP to track down hundreds of the replica guns, which were allowed into the country by Canada Border Services Agency officials.

A CBC News investigation determined the CBSA never inspected the shipment crates containing the replicas, and didn't flag the weapons as "prohibited" after relying only on the import declaration forms submitted by Toronto-based arms manufacturer North Sylva that the guns were simply toys.

The bulletin asks businesses and BB gun owners to surrender or destroy their AK-47 replicas because they are prohibited firearms manufactured with authentic frames and receivers from the Chinese Type-56 version of the AK-47 semi-automatic assault rifle.

The Mounties launched raids and seizures last week on a number of gun stores in B.C., Ontario, and Quebec. Investigators believe the toys can be transformed into weapons with a simple switch of the gun's barrel and bolt.

North Sylva said it was shocked and mystified to learn that a BB gun approved by CBSA for import into Canada is now being seized as a potential prohibited weapon.



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