Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Professional Association of Diving Instructors, The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the largest and most well known recreational training agency in the world.

Training provided by the instructors at London Recreational andTechnical Divers aims to make you more than just a diver. A distinctive feature is that you are trained by technical dive instructors who dive regularly, have greater training and experience than the average recreational instructor and have experience of a huge range of diving in a wide range of underwater environments including overhead environments such as wreck and caves.

Using the PADI educational system we can take the recreational diver from complete novice through a comprehensive range of diving subjects as far as becoming a professional instructor.

The starting pouint is the most popular SCUBA diving course in the world. The OPEN WATER COURSE is designed to make it easy for anyone of reasonable health to learn how to dive.
After becoming a scuba diver, the PADI specialties provide a varied and very exciting insight into many different aspects of diving ranging from underwater photography and videography to wreck diving to conservation.


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