October in Memoriam

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October in Memoriam
October in Memoriam, In October we said farewell to many noteworthy individuals, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Indy driver Dan Wheldon. Read on to learn more about them and others who passed away this month.

Johnny Schmitz
Died Oct. 1 (b. 1920)

Johnny Schmitz was a left-handed pitcher who spent most of his MLB career with the Chicago Cubs. Although World War II forced him to miss three seasons, he went on to play two All-Star Games, before finishing his career (with what team?) in 1956. Johnny Schmitz + baseball + died of natural causes, johnny schmitz "Bear Tracks"
Don Lapre
Died Oct. 2 (b. 1964)

Don Lapre made his name appearing on infomercials, most notably for his Internet-based business. He was indicted in June and was awaiting trial in an Arizona jail when he died. Don Lapre + TV + The King of Infomercials, don lapre greatest vitamin in the world, Don Lapre + fraud charges, don lapre + suicide
Arthur Nielsen
Died Oct. 3 (b. 1919)

Arthur Nielsen Jr. inherited his father's namesake company in 1975, making it an essential barometer for. In addition to being an astute businessman, he was a nationally ranked tennis player. ACNielsen + market research Ac Nielsen + TV ratings a c nielsen + father and son tennis champs.A.C. Nielsen Jr. + cause of death + inconclusive, What's My Line,
Kenneth H. Dahlberg
Died Oct. 4 (b. 1917)

Kenneth Dahlberg was a highly decorated fighter pilot during World War II. He made his fortune in the 1950s by pioneering small-device hearing aids. After selling his company in 1994 to Bausch & Lomb, Dahlberg became a venture capitalist. distinguished flying cross Miracle Ear bausch & lomb kenneth h. dahlberg death of natural causes
Doris Belack
Died Oct. 4 (b. 1926)

Doris Belack's acting career spanned more than 60 years, with roles in theater, television and film. She acted throughout her life, and her last appearance was in an episode of this TV show in 2003. Daytime soap operas, Doris Belack + cause of death + natural causes Grand Theft Auto IV
Fred Shuttlesworth
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1922)

Fred Shuttlesworth was a leader in the civil rights movement and a contemporary of the Rev. Martin Luther King. He founded a religious organization, which successfully campaigned against racism in his home state. Watch video of his childhood reminiscences. Fred Shuttleworth + Freddie Lee Robinson pastor martin luther king southern christian leadership conference, Fred Shuttlesworth + death + declining health, birmingham alabama airport
Steve Jobs
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1955)

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was the founder and creative visionary behind one of the world's largest companies. As well as dominating the computer industry, Jobs co-founded Pixar and pioneered an array of products. A new biography of Jobs tops the best-seller lists apple's net worth + $300 billion, Steve Jobs + 317 patents steve jobs by walter isaacson, steve jobs biography + bestseller, steve jobs cause of death respiratory arrest pancreas cancer, steve jobs + sister
Charles Napier
Died Oct. 5 (b. 1936)

Actor Charles Napier initially got a job pursuing his childhood dream. However, he eventually turned to acting, starring in "The Blues Brothers" among many other films. Charles Napier actor + cause of death,
Al Davis
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1929)

Al Davis, a former NFL coach and owner of the Oakland Raiders, won three Super Bowls as the Raiders' general manager. al davis 3 super bowl wins 1976, 1980 and 1983 Al Davis + obit + cause of death
David Hess
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1936)

An actor known for his roles in horror films, including this Wes Craven classic, David Hess was also a seasoned songwriter. Hess wrote several songs for "the King." He was the original singer of one of Elvis Presley's biggest hits all shook up + Elvis Presley David Hess + cause of death + heart attack
Mikey Welsh
Died Oct. 8 (b. 1971)

Mikey Welsh was a guitarist and artist, most famous for being a member of Weezer. He left music to focus on his art and became a member of Outside Art. View his artwork. Mikey Welsh + cause of death Burton snowboards,
Chauncey Hardy
Died Oct. 9 (b. 1988)

Chauncey Hardy (see photos) was an American basketball player who played professionally in Europe (where?). He was a graduate of Sacred Heart University, where he was a standout player Chauncey Hardy + cause of death + killed, CSS Giurgiu
Albert Rosellini
Died Oct. 10 (b. 1910)

Albert Rosellini served as governor of Washington from 1957 to 1965. As well as passing various reforms, Rosellini was the first Roman Catholic to be elected governor in a Western state. albert rossellini + obituary + cause of death, governor albert d. rosellini floating bridge lake wa,
Frank Kameny
Died Oct. 11 (b. 1925)

Frank Kameny was a major figure in the U.S. gay rights movement. A graduate of Harvard, he was fired from the U.S. Civil Service but took his case to the Supreme Court. He later founded the Mattachine Society U.S. Civil Service, Mattachine Society, frank kameny cause of dead Theodore Roosevelt Award
Bob Galvin
Died Oct. 11 (b. 1922)

Bob Galvin's father was the founder of Motorola, and Galvin took over from his dad as the company's CEO in 1956. A graduate of this university, Galvin is remembered for his fervent support of the IT community and his savvy business skills. Paul Galvin motorola robert galvin cause of death obituary Vannevar Bush Award
Dennis Ritchie
Died Oct. 12 (b. 1941)

Dennis Ritchie was famous for being the creator of this computer language. Ritchie was given the Turing Award in 1983 for services to technology, and in 1998 he received the National Medal of Technology (see video) from this U.S. president. c programming language, Turing Award, Dennis Ritchie cause of death
Sue Mengers
Died Oct. 15 (b. 1932)

Sue Mengers was one of the entertainment industry's most powerful talent agents. Starting her career as a secretary, she eventually became an agent for this famous actor and this leading lady. Sue Mengers + cause of death The Last of Sheila
Matthew Martinez
Died Oct. 15 (b. 1929)

Matthew Martinez, a member of Congress, is famous for representing both major parties. Although he was elected to Congress nine times, he eventually was ousted by a more liberal member of his own party Matthew Martinez Congressman cause of death
Dan Wheldon
Died Oct. 16 (b. 1978)

English-born racing driver Dan Wheldon was a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner. He was killed in a 15-car pileup while competing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Indianapolis 500 winner + Dan Wheldon+ 2005 and 2011 Indianapolis 500 las vegas motor speedway


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