Unusual Office: English Castle
"The modern airline, carrying more than ten million passengers per year with an office in the castle of the seventeenth century - that may be unusual?" - I thought and went to London to please you the story of yet another interesting office. Especially for readers NedoSMI, the company showed its first BMI headquarters.BMI - the second largest airline in the international airport "Heathrow", appeared in 1938 under the name Air Schools Ltd. and specialized in training of pilots the Air Force of Great Britain.
 Come, look, just please do not make noise, because there are now working
 Receptionist. For four centuries the castle changed several owners. Here lived the English family in the First World, he became a prison for prisoners of war during the second war there was a garage, and then he became a refugee camp. In 1976, Donington Hall bought British Midland Airways, which later changed its name to BMI, and made it his headquarters.


 If you recall the age of the castle, it is not hard to guess what these steps

 A couple of centuries ago, the hunters butchered here prey. Now it is a workshop


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