Leanna Archer + $100,000 a year
Leanna Archer + $100,000 a year, 15 year-old Long Island, NY native-Leanna Archer, is now raking in over $100,000 from her natural hair care product line, Leanna’s Inc. She took her grandmother’s secret formula and now makes natural, hair products.
“The idea came to me when I received tons of compliments about my hair and I knew it was thanks to my homemade products,” said Leanna. ”I had nothing to lose, because I figured that if it didn’t work out I still had my whole life ahead of me.”
This Haitian teen is featured on CNNMoney.com and is one of the 8 Kid Entrepreneurs to Watch. Watch the video below where the teen CEO shares her story and gives advice to other teens wishing to start their own business. Leanna Archer Education Foundation,

Source: thebuzzinthecity


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