Largest US ID theft bust

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Largest US ID theft bust
Largest US ID theft bust, Queens-based identity theft ring described as the biggest in U.S. history - with ties as far away as Africa - has been busted, authorities said Friday.The 111 indicted suspects ripped off more than $13 million and spent the loot on nationwide shopping sprees, five-star hotels and private jets. largest identity theft ring,

"These weren't hold-ups at gunpoint but the impact on victims was the same," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. "They were robbed."

The suspects stole credit card account numbers and forged credit cards.
"Shoppers" were then given those cards and sent on shopping sprees in New York, Florida, Massachusetts and Los Angeles to buy high-end electronics, designer handbags and expensive jewelry.

Among the other crimes listed in the indictments are a $95,000 cargo theft from JFK Airport and a $850,000 theft of computer equipment from the Citicorp building in Long Island City.
Those goods were often later sold over the Internet. Credit card skimming,

The 16-month investigation, dubbed "Operation Swiper," began in October 2009.
Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said the cost of the theft is incalculable. largest identity theft 111 arrests,

''Even after the culprits are caught and prosecuted, their victims are still faced with the difficult task of having to repair their credit ratings and financial reputations,'' Brown said. "In some cases, that process can take years." +largest identity theft $13 million,

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