Kelly Osbourne sweat patches, Kelly Osbourne pulled a fashion faux par Monday night when she walked down the red carpet with sweat patches.

The TV star had pulled out all the stops by donning a bright red figure-hugging dress at the launch of E! Entertainment in Munich, Germany, but on closer inspection Kelly had damp armpits.

The 26-year-old blond was mortified by her unplanned perspiration afterwards and blamed heat lamps for her unsightly sweat.

She wrote on her twitter page: "pulled a fashion no no last night i had sweat marks because there we heat lamps on the red carpet! #eww (sic)"

Apart from her red carpet mishap, Kelly - who is a regular on E! TV show 'Fashion Police' alongside Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic - has been having a great time in Munich.

She especially likes the city's relaxed approach to dogs, because citizens can take their canine friends into shops and restaurants.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: "Just landed in Munich to launch the E! Channel Here in Germany! I'm so excited to be here I bloody love Germany! Watching the sunrise over the beautiful city Munich!

"I love how people can take there dogs into any store & most restaurants here in Munich! (sic)"

Dog lover Kelly owns two pooches, cute Pomeranian Sid and a Doberman she named Blue, who was bought for her by her brother Jack.

Source: azcentral


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