Kate Middleton reveals secret scar from her past, Hair extensions: that was the first assumption gossips made when a recent photo of Kate Middleton revealed a three-inch long mark just above her hairline.

If it were any other celebrity, they probably would have been right. But the low-maintenance duchess had a bigger secret that had nothing to do with beauty. The mark on her head is a scar from a "very serious operation" according to the Daily Mail. St. James Palace officials confirmed Kate's scar was from an operation she had as a child, but wouldn't go into further detail.

Specialists have already weighed in on what kind of operation it might have been: “Anything, including a birthmark, trauma, neurosurgery or a benign growth of the skin,” Dr. Roy Geronemus, director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, told ABC News.

As a low-drama princess, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Kate put her traumatic childhood experience far behind her. Since she first became one of the most-watched women in the world, she's kept an impeccably bright smile at every turn. The only recall of childhood trauma were reports that she was bullied in school for being skinny. No health-related issues have ever been excavated by reporters (and you better believe they've tried). Nobody imagined Kate lived anything but a completely charmed life. But William's princess isn't one to complain.

Never a hair out of place, a fashion misstep, or a T.M.I moment, Kate is known for her poise and resilience. The other night, representing the palace on her own for the first time as host of a Clarence House charity event, was no exception. In an Amanda Wakely silver gown and matching diamond tear-drop earrings she graciously welcomed guests who had expected to meet Kate's father-in-law. But when Prince Charles had a last minute trip to Saudi Arabia, Kate stepped in as palace pinch-hitter, welcoming a swarm of high-profile guests. She did it "with absolute professionalism and charm,” according to palace officials.
She knew her appearance, like every one she's made since her wedding, would be in the spotlight, but she probably didn't realize her hairline would be sharing the attention. The fashion police jumped at the chance to find a flaw in her hairstyle—a seam in her natural beauty. But again Middleton proved she's all real, right down to her follicles. She also proved there's more to her than we'll ever know.

Source: yahoo


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