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Kardashian gets movie role, Kim Kardashian Gets Cast in Tyler Perry Movie. Kim Kardashian apparently wants to become a bona fide actress, and she's just taken a big step by being cast in the Tyler Perry movie The Marriage Counselor.

There was recent talk that Kim might give a Bollywood career a shot, but why go to Bollywood when she can stay closer to home by going Hollywood?

Kim's only movie credits include a part in the incredibly bad spoof flick Disaster Movie and the little-seen Deep in the Valley, a movie in which porn is part of the plot (she played a character named Summa Eve, a name that is way too similar to the line of feminine products). But Tyler Perry, a man who likes to play a fat old woman in just about all of his movies, apparently has faith in Kim Kardashian's acting ability.

News of Kim's role in The Marriage Counselor couldn't come at a more perfect time -- she and Kris Humphries are facing divorce rumors, so it seems that she might need a little marriage help herself. However, her character doesn't get counseling in the movie.

According to Deadline, she'll be starring as Ava, the co-worker of marriage counselor Judith (Jurnee Smollett). In Tyler Perry's play of the same name, Judith struggles to give advice to her clients because she's coping with major marital problems at home that are made worse when she falls for the charms of one of her clients. Meanwhile Ava does all that she can to help Judith with her personal issues -- she even gives her pal a big city makeover in an effort to make things better (at least Kim should be comfortable acting around racks of clothing for these scenes).

It's hard to imagine Kim playing someone that's caring and not self-centered. She's kind of used to everything being all about her (at least when her mom's not around), so it will be interesting to see her star as a secondary character. And hopefully she lays off the Botox (or whatever she's doing to her face to make it so wax statue-like) so that she can actually emote. kim kardashian gets movie role, tyler perry's 'The Marriage Counselor', kim kardashian is most annoying celebrity,

So do you think Tyler Perry made a horrible decision casting Kim Kardashian? Does she deserve a shot at becoming a real actress? Or did the director make a smart move because Kardashian fans will see the movie no matter how bad Kim's acting is? Sound off in the comments!



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