Identity theft horror stories

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Identity theft horror stories

Identity theft horror stories, As I have written before in one of the other identity theft question areas, I was a victim of this crime almost three years ago and I am still being notified by credit card companies and banking institutions that someone is still trying to use my identity.

As a matter of fact I just received a new letter yesterday that someone was attempting to make a purchase but they did not have my password or code that I have had to implement on each and every financial transaction that I have to make. Identity theft horror stories,

I must do this for the rest of my life because identity thieves do not take a day off, a week or go on vacation unless it is with your money or your credit.

I have had to go to nine police departments, fill out nine affidavits, go to several court hearings, watch only one person get arrested and watch them do enough damage to my credit that my score is in the pits and I am now getting turned down for loans and credit increases.

They attempted to make several car purchases, a couple of house loans, stereo equipment, travel packages and at least a half dozen visits to Marshall Fields, Target, Home Depot and Lowe's stores.

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