Huge python eats a deer

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Huge python eats a deer, Giant Python Digesting a Deer Captured and Killed in West Miami-Dade. It may not be as amazing/disgusting as that legendary snake-exploding-while-eating-an-alligator photo (which we are now lobbying to be adapted as the official state seal), but officials have found another invasive snake in the Everglades that had just made a meal out of a rather large native species. A 15.6- foot Burmese Python has been discovered with a full deer in its belly. The beast was discovered in western Dade County by contractors working for the South Florida Water Management District.

The discovery was actually record-breaking: Not only was the snake one of the largest ever spotted in the South Florida wild, but its prey was also amongs the largest ever found devoured by the species.Huge python eats a deer, burmese python facts, invasive pythons squeezing florida everglades,

The female deer that the snake was dining on weighed in at 76 pounds.



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