Giffords to narrate part of memoir

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Giffords to narrate part of memoir 

Giffords to narrate part of memoir - Gabrielle Giffords will read aloud in the audio edition of her upcoming book, allowing many people to hear for themselves for the first time how she is recovering.

A spokesman for the Arizona congresswoman confirmed Thursday that Giffords will read the final chapter of the memoir she wrote with her husband, Mark Kelly. +rep. gabrielle giffords,

Spokesman Mark Kimble says Giffords has completed the recording of that chapter.

Since she was shot in the head Jan. 8 at an event outside Tucson, Giffords has appeared in public only a few times. She has spoken only with friends, family and at small gatherings. Gabrielle Giffords read final chapter,

Scribner is publishing the memoir, called "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope." It says the book details the couple's marriage, Giffords' political career, Kelly's career as an astronaut, and their experiences stemming from the shooting. Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope,

The book is scheduled for release Nov. 15. Gabrielle Giffords "Gabby" november 15,

The couple is living in Houston, where Giffords continues therapy at TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital. Gabrielle Giffords "Gabby" november 15,

Source: cbsnews


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