Atheist group tries to stop prayers at high school

Atheist group tries to stop prayers at high school, An Atheist group in Alabama is trying to stop prayers at a high school game. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed the complaint against the Lauderdale County school district accusing them of allowing prayers to be said before games and the name of JESUS to be invoked.

The group claims that the school district has violated the First Amendment of the US Constitution by allowing prayers to be said before the high school football games. The organization states in particular the prayers which are said at the Brooks High School.

Bill Valentine who is the superintendent of the school confirmed to FOX News that the complaint has been filed. Bill revealed that they have notified the school’s attorney and they are in the process of reviewing the complaint that they received. He said the school has not arrived at any decision on whether the school will allow prayers at Friday’s game.

Times Daily reports that the complainant is Jeremy Green. According to the newspaper, Green believes that there should be “separation of church and state in an effort to protect the constitutional rights of the non-religious.”

Christians believe that the Church in the United States is under attack. The Bible is gradually being removed from the daily affairs of the country and some observers believe it is the reason why the country is fast losing its glory.

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