World's fastest Ferrari Enzo crashes into sea, And here’s why it’s important to have car insurance: a modified Ferrari Enzo competing in the 1367-mile Targa Newfoundland rally spun and ended up in a lake. As this video shows, the Enzo’s driver lost control as the car hit a small patch of gravel.

Driver Zahir Rana and his co-driver Roland Linder both emerged from the watery accident unscathed, and they claim their Enzo racer is only mildly damaged. Rana says the accident happened because the gravel patch reduced the amount of friction available to the high-powered Ferrari. The pair say they will continue racing, perhaps even upgrading to a Ferrari FXX.

“With speed comes a little bit of risk,” said Linder, “And these things happen. It’s OK.”

Watch the video for yourself below.


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