Top Brands for Men

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Top Brands for Men
Top Brands for Men. If you want to look your best no matter what the season may be, you're going to need to learn about the top 10 fashion brands for men. These clothes are guaranteed to make guys look their best during any occasion, be it formal, casual, or utterly relaxed. If you want to show your best side every time you leave the house, be sure to look into these top fashion brands for men.

  1. Gucci. One of the most recognized luxury brands on Earth, this fashion powerhouse carries everything from trousers and T-shirts to suits and dress shoes. Despite having gone through a bit of a rough patch during the early 1980's, a reinvention of the company's standards at the end of the decade has turned this top fashion brand into the game-changer it is today.
  2. Calvin Klein. Most known for its eponymous line of denim jeans, this top fashion brand for men is known the world over for its ability to make anyone look like a rock star. From its collection collared shirts to even its underwear, every piece of this brand's collections eke pure style.
  3. Diesel.  If you're looking for jeans or trainers, this is your fashion brand of choice. It's youthful spirit is felt in every piece of clothing that they make and market towards young adult men.
  4. Ralph Lauren. This seminal fashion brand for men is best known for its semi-formal clothing and colognes. Its Polo logo is indicative of having a certain degree of class, which is certainly what happens when you own any piece from its expansive collections.
  5. Banana Republic. This fashion brand is perfect for the office or slightly formal dinner party, with its chic chinos and luxurious collared shirts. If you need to look your best to impress your colleagues, be sure to look for these pieces.
  6. Armani. This high-end fashion house's name is pretty much equatable to the idea of a luxury suit. Pieces from this brand's collections were actually the official suits that Christian Bale wore for his super hero epic "The Dark Knight."
  7. Nike. When most people think of sportswear, they think Nike. With their collection of fine trainers, athletic wear, and fragrances, this fashion brand is perfect for guys who lead a more active lifestyle.
  8. A Bathing Ape. Also known as BAPE, this casual fashion brand is great for the guy who wants the best of style and comfort. Their jeans, hoodies, and shirts all exude a relaxed sense of style without all the pretension of a three-piece suit.
  9. Dolce & Gabbana. This is another fashion brand for men who desire better formal wear more than anything else. If you're looking for the best suit to impress your coworkers and supervisors alike, you cannot go wrong with one from this fashion house.
  10. Abercrombie & Fitch. This fashion brand for men is more popular with younger people than anyone else, but it's mass appeal is certainly felt if you ever walk on a university campus. Plaid shorts, graphic tees, and polo shirts all combine to make a relaxed style that's perfect for class, the bar, or just an afternoon on the quad.
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