Tom Brokaw on colbert report

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Tom Brokaw on colbert report
Tom Brokaw on colbert report. Brokaw tells Colbert he was at yoga when planes hit towers. Tom Brokaw's September 11, 2001, began in the last way you might imagine for the NBC News veteran: he was attending a yoga class at the behest of his wife, and desperate to get out of it -- almost any way other than the way he did.
Tom Brokaw colbert report decade. tom brokaw on colbert report. tom brokaw gander. Brokaw recalled the morning in an interview on Thursday's "Colbert Report." He said he was in upper Manhattan when he received a call that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers. On his way downtown he heard on the radio that another plane had hit the second tower. tom brokaw the greatest generation, tom brokaw books,

He told Colbert he called his wife to tell her: "We're at war."

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