Sarah Jessica Parker: I haven’t ruled out more kids
Sarah Jessica Parker: I haven’t ruled out more kids. Sarah Jessica Parker says that she has not ruled out having more children. The busy mother-of-three opened up about her family life to British magazine New where she did not discount adding to her brood but said it was not a top priority for her and husband Matthew Broderick at the moment.The actress, who is currently starring in new movie I Don’t Know How She Does It, is already mother to James, eight, and two-year-old surrogate twins Tabitha and Marion.

“We haven’t really discussed it,” Sarah revealed. “It’s not that I wouldn’t consider it – it just hasn’t been a part of a conversation in my house lately.”

“It’s wonderful to have the three we have. We feel very lucky. I don’t know if it would be greedy to ask for more.”

Sarah said that her son James may not be embarrassed by her work but is embarrassed by her actions sometimes.

“He’ll tell me to stop if I say a word that he thinks I’m too old to use and he doesn’t like me dancing in front of anybody,” she laughed. “I would never dance in public in a million years.”

Another thing she vows never to do as a mother is use spit to wipe dirt off of her children’s faces.

“I will never do this [Sarah licks her thumb as if she’s going to rub dirt off someone’s face.] Never! I’ve got through nine years with the boy and I’ve never done it,” she said proudly.

The 46-year-old Sex and the City star says she and Matthew still keep the romance alive in their 14-year marriage by going on regular date nights but that the actor is currently recovering from back surgery.

“He’s up and about now but can’t lift anything – allegedly. I’m just joking,” she said.

“I heard it from the surgeon’s mouth. He said Matthew can’t lift anything over 3lbs and I’m happy to report that all our children are over that.”

Meanwhile, it has been officially announced that the Sex and the City prequel television show is going into production which will showcase Carrie Bradshaw’s life as a young woman.

Sarah says she is not a part of the new series but has not ruled out bringing the third installment in the movie franchise to the big screen.

Source: yahoo


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