'Kate Plus 8' finale

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'Kate Plus 8' finale
'Kate Plus 8' finale. The season finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is stirring up a lot of buzz around the internet as TLC dropped an interesting tag-line to lead into the final episode. With all of the recent press surrounding the show, and rumors that the parents of the 8 kids (Jon and Kate) might be getting a divorce, it seems TLC is trying to capitalize off of that energy. Thus the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season finale is getting some pretty nice treatment in an obvious attempt to boost the ratings a little bit more.The last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 saw the show pass 3 million viewers total, cementing it once again as one of the top watched shows on cable, and by far the most successful one that has graced TLC. Those ratings points are easily turned into dollar signs by people at the network, and it is easy to see that if you take a show that is garnering a large audience, and add a little extra flair for drama to the promotion of the show, you are going to end up with more people tuning in to see what might, or might not, happen on upcoming episodes.

Now that the current season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is winding to a close, this will be TLC's last chance to draw in a ton of viewers for an original episode at this time. TLC is running repeat episodes of the show over and over again at different times in order to keep drawing in more viewers, and to a certain extent, this seems to be a winning formula for the network. After the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season finale airs on Monday night, March 23rd, they will be having a couple more marathons of the show where people will be able to catch up on episodes that they may have missed in the past. By upping the promotion of the show, it surely will turn into a DVD set available to be purchased by fans of the show.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 has continued to be a lightning rod show, where many viewers tune in because they love the family dynamic of the parents and their eight kids, but an equal number tune in because they look down upon the shows premise of video-taping the lives of kids. Either way, TLC has found a winning combination with Jon and Kate Plus 8 and surely they are taking advantage of their viewers by teasing with promos that may insinuate that drama heard in the press could turn out to be true. The only real way for fans to find out what is going on is to tune in to the Jon and Kate Plus 8 season finale; and TLC is banking on it.

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