Elizabeth Taylor + 8 marriages to 7 husbands, Elizabeth Lived Quite the Life, Marrying Seven Men, One of Them Twice. Here is an Elizabeth Taylor Husbands List

Elizabeth Taylor is a Hollywood icon known for roles in films like American Velvet and Butterfield 8. Long before TMZ, Elizabeth Taylor was known for her love life as she was for her film roles.

Elizabeth Taylor married eight times in her life to seven different men.

* Elizabeth Taylor Dies of Congestive Heart Failure

Here is a list of Elizabeth Taylor husbands

Conrad 'Nicky' Hilton (1950-1951) Hilton was one of the heirs to the Hilton hotel chain

Michael Wilding (1952-1957) Taylor had two sons, Michael and Christopher, with the British actor.

Michael Todd (1957-1958) Todd died in a plane crash a year after their marriage.

Eddie Fisher (1959-1964) She married the Fisher, a pop singer, after he divorced actress Debbie Reynolds. Fisher had been good friends with Todd, Taylor's deceased husband.

Richard Burton (1964-1974 and 1975-1976) Taylor Burton married and divorced the fiery Welsh actor twice

John Warner (1976-1982) Warner was a Republican senator.

Larry Fortensky (1991-1996) Fortensky was a construction worker with a mullet, who was much younger than Taylor.


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