Cheryl Prewitt Automobile Accident
Cheryl Prewitt Automobile Accident. Cheryl Prewitt automobile happening at geezerhood 11. Cheryl Prewitt (PHOTOS) grew up in the accord of metropolis in Muskhogean County, Mississippi.

Prewitt describes in her aggregation ”A Bright-Shining Place,” how her leg, which had been low in an automobile accident, was lengthened during a churchlike sanative ceremony.

The happening would yield Cheryl with a blemished face, a embody patch and a wheelchair, every of which she overcame to embellish Miss MSU, Miss Starkville, Miss Mississippi,and yet Miss America.

She is today mated to Harry Salem and has digit sons and a girl who is deceased. Her girl would go on to springy individual than the doctors predicted, rating digit more miracle in Cheryl’s life.


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