Charles Ray Fuller

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Charles Ray Fuller
Charles Ray Fuller. Meet Charles Ray Fuller, the US$360-billion-check cheater from Fort Worth, Texas. This 21-year-old dude has a dream to start a record business, but possibly he is short of money. So unwittingly, he stole his girlfriend’s mother’s checkbook and wrote himself a check for $360 Billion. When he tried to cash the check last week, the teller in the bank became immediately suspicious after seeing the 10 zeros on the personal check.

So they tipped the police off. As a result, Charles Ray Fuller was arrested on a forgery charge. How stupid Charles Ray Fuller is! Anyone having a normal brain will believe there is a check with so big money? US$360 billion cash is 19 billion more than the total money of the top seven richest persons (Warren Buffett, $62b; Carlos Slim Helu,$60b; William Gates, $58b; Lakshmi Mittal, $45b; Mukesh Ambani, $43b; Anil Ambani, $42b; Ingvar Kamprad, $31b;) on the Forbes' 2008 Most Richest List. Link


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